A fast and full recovery for an easier childbirth experience that is likely to be free of post-pregnancy complications will be yours with a personal Jade Egg practice.

The post pregnancy Healing benefits of practice will be especially remarkable for women who have vaginal childbirths. 

Jade Egg Practise in birth preparation.

  • You can start the practise at any stage of your pregnancy.

  • Ensure that you have no imbalances in your yoni.  ie. UTI, yeast infections, herpes outbreaks or any general irritation.

  • Clean your egg with a salted or vinegar solution prior to use.  Ensure you never leave longer than 4 minutes in the solution, best to simply wash and polish off with a soft cloth.

  • Find a quiet uninterrupted place to begin with.  Laying down in bed, couch or similar comfortable place.  Insert your egg and push up at least half way.  Close your eyes and connect with your egg.  Feel its energy.  Allow your energy field and the energy of the egg to interact.

  • Take as long as you like with this initial connection.

  • Initially start with pulsing.  10 x pulses to get the ‘feel’ of the egg.

  • The next phase is to pull the egg in an upwards motion with your vaginal wall muscles and bring it up to your cervix.  You will experience a ‘feedback’ sensation once it hits the cervix.  Then using the muscles bring it down towards the opening to the point where it feels it may pop out.

  • Then long holding periods of the egg, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds.

  • Practise these two exercises until you feel you would like to try them standing up.

  • You will then intuitively do what feels best.  

  • You can sleep with the egg inside, up higher than lower, so you can’t feel it too much, like the position of a menstrual cup or tampon.  Do this once a week or when you feel like it.  

  • Another tip is to have the egg in the shower caddy, use it daily while you are showering.  Wash off the egg each time, use it for the duration of shower, pulsing and holding in in the upright position.  Rinse off and leave in shower.  Washing in a solution when you feel necessary.

  • Trust your intuition on what works best for you and your routine.  You can use the egg while on the computer, watching tv or even making dinner.  Find what works best for you.  Once you find a way its easy to implement and keep the routine and you will be very very grateful in the event of a natural vaginal birth.  Your muscles will be super fit and strong for the journey.

  • I suggest doing a minimum of 10 minutes, 3 times a week for your entire pregnancy.

  • Post birth wait until you have recovered and stopped bleeding, up to 6 weeks and continue with your practise.

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Mothers who have experienced multiple births will feel the greatest difference, as they regain remarkable tightness and vaginal sensitivity while exercising with the right tool. 
Exercise with the Jade Eggs is an easy, and efficacious way to tone your vaginal muscles, and leads to enhanced sexual sensitivity as well as overall holistic health. 

The Jade Eggs Exercises are designed to help you to isolate the appropriate muscles in order to tone and strengthen them progressively.  This increases the ease of childbirth and quick recovery, as well as helping you to avoid the debilitating circumstances of weak vaginal and pelvic floor muscles that can take precious time to recover their original resilience. The shorter recovery time will enhance you and your partner's time with your new baby and together without complications or distractions.

After childbirth, most women experience a stretching of the vagina and nerve loss resulting in decreased sexual sensitivity, while their partners also feels decreased stimulation and sexual enjoyment.  Just a few minutes of using the Jade Eggs , every other day will greatly increase healing and tightening of the vagina in addition to being a pleasant and relaxing way to tone the vaginal muscles with efficacy and ease.  In this way, the enjoyment of sex is also enhanced for you and your partner, more quickly than if it is left to natural circumstances.  Your partner's participation in exercising can make practice an even more rewarding and intimate experience.  Having well-toned vaginal organs is not just an essential component to living an easier, obstacle-free life, it also has healthy sexual benefits!

It is truly wonderful how the vaginal muscles will heal and restore their healthy function through exercising with the help of the naturally inspired design. The pelvic floor and vaginal muscles respond well to short exercise sessions with the right tool.  Proper exercise increases blood flow into the urogenital area and enables the healing and regeneration of vaginal sensitivity, allowing you to improve and restore youthfulness to your vagina

The natural flow of hormones is enhanced through training and practice, which will also contribute to youthful skin and improved genital tone. It is also important to realize, anything that improves your overall health in pregnancy directly improves your infant's health and well being. Done correctly, this is potentially one of the most beautiful times of your life.

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Statistically, approximately 35% of women giving birth will experience temporary or permanent incontinence. Pregnancy and childbirth dramatically stretch the muscles, often causing actual damage. 

 In most cases, damage is reversible through a specific exercise program. Customer opinions indicate results after a few weeks of regular use. (5 to 10 minutes a day) When the desired results are experienced, exercises can be reduced to a few times a week.

Honestly, who wants to do 300 Pelvic Floor contractions a day for 4-6 months to get any results? The ancient knowledge of the Chinese practiced by the elite can now change your health. By following the simple exercises with the Jade eggs, you can improve your overall health as well as regain your feminine gifts quickly after the birth of your child. You want both a healthy child and a wonderful sexual life with your partner. Now you can have both. You will be eternally grateful you did this. 

Jade Eggs can also help with postpartum depression as it helps to stimulate and balance the hormones, that have been altered due to the process of pregnancy.

We need to remember a female was built to birth a child through the vagina, and therefore with correct care / love and exercise (jade eggs), a woman can experience a speedier recovery.

Using Jade Eggs before the pregnancy and for recovery will help the vaginal muscles to strengthen and increase the sensitivity of the vagina to pleasure, stimulating the nerve ending while practicing and sending blood flow to the uro-genital area creating more youthfulness and vitality.  

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