Your life will dramatically change after just a few short weeks doing daily exercise with your new Jade Eggs.
No matter which stage of life you are at, exercising your girly bits is just as important as hitting the gym,
the yoga studio or the dance floor.

A personal responsibility to your body and your well being in today's day and age is paramount.
And the benefits are limitless. 

How to use Jade Eggs?
How to use a Jade Egg - exercises to begin

The Jade Egg comes in three different sizes. Small, Medium and Large . You can intuitively decide which Jade Egg is best for you, or you can follow these guidelines. If you have had children or have a wide pelvis start; with the large egg and move down to the smallest as you begin to advance in your practice. If you have a narrow pelvis and have not had children you may start with the small sized egg or medium egg.

First empty your bladder and make sure that your egg is clean.

You can begin by setting intention, doing a ritual, creating an offering anything you feel comfortable doing.

If it feels appropriate you can start with massaging your breasts. In a woman the breasts are linked to the vagina, when we create stimulation and energy in our breast, it sends energy to our vagina and helps it to become more lubricated and open.

One way to do this is to use oil and start to massage the breasts in circles around one and half inches around the nipple, or using intuition. Breast massage is connected to the release of estrogen and another key aspect in vitality and balancing hormones. Breast massage is not essential. It's helpful for some women needing assistance in lubrication and opening.

Once we feel ready then bring the Jade egg to the opening of the vagina, and slowly allow the vagina to invite the egg in.

Hold the egg just in the entrance and connect your energy field with the energy field of the egg.

Now when you first begin, just start to explore the muscles.

First strengthening by contracting the pelvic floor muscles for ten seconds and then completely relaxing the muscles for ten seconds . This relaxation is vital and will help in sexual intercourse to remain in relaxed states that contribute to full body and multiple orgasms.  Repeat this ten times.

Listen to your vagina, is it tired, has it had enough. Remember training your vagina is like exercising any muscle begin slowly and then build up. You may feel sore at first, like any muscle practise. Think going to the gym.

Do this daily. When your muscles are at the strength and dexterity you wish for then do this four times weekly to maintain.

Jade Eggs for busy women

You can wear your jade egg while you go about you other activities if you like. If you are busy and feel you do not have time for the ritual, there are many ways to still be able to use the Jade Egg Practice.

A simple way to get your daily practice in is to leave a jade egg close to the shower, inserting in while having your shower. Holding the egg in, doing pulses and taking a moment to draw the egg up to your cervix and then down again without it falling out. You can then remove the egg clean it and pop it back ready for your next use.

It really is so easy to get your daily practise done:

~ allocate time alone quiet in your own space

~ in your car commuting to and from work

~ watching television

~ sitting at the computer
~ cooking or preparing food

~ laying down playing with your phone or device

~ ironing

~ meditating

~ sleeping (once a week sleeping all night with your jade egg is a fabulous idea, it has been said to act as an antidepressant .

~ sitting in the car waiting for your child to finish sport or activity

~ in the shower

~ there are so many opportunities to incorporate your jade eggs into daily life.

Begin to deepen your practice

When you have got used to the contraction of the pelvic muscle, begin to explore the separate sections of your vagina and how you can use these to move the jade egg up and down the vaginal cavity.

Using your muscles, bring the egg up to the cervix and then move it down to the entrance of the vagina.

You can use the string to pull the jade egg to the entrance of the vagina to begin with and then use the muscles to draw back in.

In this you can explore your vagina and the nerve endings, knowing where are the points of pleasure. Bring your attention to what arrises. When you become attuned to your body you will not only be able to find the spots of pleasure, you will be able to feel the prana/chi energy building and circulating. You also may be aware of emotions that are coming up, which can be stored emotion releasing from your body .

Asking permission and healing unwanted penetration.

A lot of the time sex etiquette is swayed to what a man deems pleasurable. Therefore the penetration in quite a lot of circumstances comes prematurely or is done in a way that the vagina is not ready and fully willing to open. This can cause trauma and shut down. Using a Jade egg can clear energy in your womb, called a womb clearing. It can also heal parts of your body that's holding trauma from unpleasant sexual experiences. Sometimes this can change the look of your egg even.

Jade Egg practices when Pregnant. - read more on the Pregnancy page.

Jade Egg is an incredible tool to train your vagina for childbirth .   Practicing bearing down and creating suppleness and dexterity to support the vaginas natural capacity of childbirth.    

To clean: 
You can wash after using with a very mild soap and water, and wrap them in a soft cloth.
Jade often doesn't like the high heat of boiling and boiling may damage the structure of the jade stone, and the qi energy. 
Using a diluted mixture of; 1 table spoon of White Vinegar and a cup purified water will achieve optimum results'.


Simply, if you are using the eggs every day.  
Wash in the vinegar or salt water solution once a week, and the rest of the time rinse well with water before and after use. 

Jade eggs improve the muscular strength of the vagina. Each use will increase the tone of the muscles that                                                                                  

(1) stop the flow of urine, 

(2) cause clitoral erection during sexual arousal, 

(3) rhythmically contract during sexual orgasm and 

(4) support the bladder, uterus and rectum. 

Asian women have used these for centuries to tighten vaginal and bladder muscles while providing pleasurable sensations.
Jade energy is highly associated with the body qi (energy) and promotes good health.

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