Menopause is a rite of passage for women, coming to a time where she is stopping the cycles of bleeding. This is when a woman can step into her time of wisdom. The wisdom that she has gathered in her life, and the opportunity to honour herself and this transition.

In these times it saddens me to think that women are suffering in menopause due to the shame and lack of education of the generation on sexual health. Most women don’t get the How to Navigate menopause talk and initiation from their mother, aunts and grandmothers.

Menopause is a time where Jade Eggs prior to and during; can help to prevent many of the common associated symptoms of menopause that do not have to be a reality.

Around 50% of menopausal women suffer from prolapsed uterus, these statistics are horrific.  A prolapsed uterus is when the Pelvic Floor muscles become weak and the uterus begins to collapse into the vaginal cavity and can even further fall out through the vagina opening. This an extremely painful and debilitating thing to occur to a woman. Suffering from incontinence is another symptom of weak Pelvic floor muscles, this is incredibly common and unnecessary.  

Using a Jade Egg during menopause or prior to menopause can help to strengthen and maintain the pelvic floor muscles, allow a menopausal women to stay connected to her feminine essence, sexuality and vitality. It helps to maintain the natural lubrication of a woman's vagina, and allows for the release and balance of estrogen levels. Using the Jade Egg allows circulation of blood to this area' increasing the health and vitality of the vagina. Quite often women feel very shut down and dried up, it’s imperative to keep their feminine energy flowing.


A hysterectomy is when a woman has had either the top of her uterus, her uterus and cervix or her uterus, cervix and the top of the vagina removed.

A woman who has had a hysterectomy can benefit greatly from the Jade Egg practice to help rebalance and stimulate the of hormones. Even if a woman has not had her ovaries removed due to the removal of the uterus the blood flow is affected, therefore not stimulating the release of proper hormones.

Jade Eggs can help not only to create strength, dexterity and suppleness to the vagina, it helps to promote blood flow and the balancing of hormones.

The practice of Jade Eggs can also help a woman to remain connected with her femininity and sensuality.

Some women may go through a grieving process after a hysterectomy, dependant on their circumstances. The Jade Egg practice can be a bridge into feeling the essence of her womanhood and creative shakti . With devotional exploration and love of her body.

Prolapsed Uterus

A prolapsed uterus is commonly scary in today’s society. Common causes being weak pelvic floor muscles caused by childbirth, an increased pressure in the pelvis region caused by actions such as persistent coughing, high impact sport like running and basketball etc, being overweight and miseducation about training the pelvic floor.

A prolapsed uterus can have many levels of severity. The first stage is when the cervix just begins to dip into the upper vaginal cavity. The second stage is when the cervix drops so that it is sitting just above the opening of the vagina. Third stage of prolapse is when the cervix comes out the vaginal opening, and fourth is when the cervix and uterus come out of the vagina.

The sad thing is many women believe that this is the normality of life, that in certain times, at certain ages these things happen. Jade eggs are an incredible tool for prevention of prolapsed uterus, and maintaining tone of these important muscles.

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