Inspiring stories of Jade Eggs changing lives. 

I first stumbled across Jade Eggs more then a year ago and they have transformed my life. I have not only found a deeper connection to my femininity and sexuality. I feel it has removed so much physical and energetic trauma from my vagina. I was suffering from lack of period and within a year of use I now have regular periods. I have never had regular periods before this. I now have such a different concept of being a woman. What the womb is and the power that lies within us as a woman. I predominately use Jade Eggs in meditation practice, where I find it allows me to circulate my prana creating vitality in my body. I love this product and meet so many people I recommend Jade Eggs too they really are an incredible tool for female health and vitality.
Sally J.

I am an older woman that had many problems down there, I was at my wits end when my grand daughter handed me some Jade eggs and said, see if these help Gran.  I no longer have to go wear any protection for mishaps of my bladder.  I feel like I have been given a new lease of life.  I cannot recommend these amazing magic eggs highly enough.  God Bless.


"Our daily passionate love making had faded to once a week and after our third child to once a month. Our vitality was gone. My beloved husband felt that his penis had become smaller and I knew that I was stretched too large for him. Arousal for either of us was difficult, even the latest toys and medications did not help. Then a girl friend told me of her experience with the Jade Eggs. Privately, at first, I found that I had to lie down or the egg would just fall out.

Yet after only three days, 15 minutes a day, just attempting to do the exercises with the cord, I was so surprised that I could already hold the big egg while standing up. A few days later I could walk around all day long with the medium egg and then by the end of the week I was delighted all day with both the small and medium egg.

I am feeling noticeably more vital and happy. Amazed at how quickly My muscles and whole pelvic region rejuvenated. Now after 3 weeks I am ecstatic all day and all night with three eggs and I love the reminder when I can hear the eggs bumping and rubbing together.

I am a single mother with no partner and came across Jade Eggs while doing a QiGong detox program.  As I was spending time and money and effort on my body to try and get more vitality to engage with my children I could see the benefits of buying the Jade eggs.  After having three children it didn't seem like a bad idea either.  I managed to do the exercises in between my busy hectic life and found that so many parts of my life changed.  I understand the importance of looking after all of our bodies now.

I had pretty much given up hope-I mean after one hard childbirth and a year of diapers and pills, I was living a life that I no longer enjoyed.  I tried pelvic floor exercises, but the motivation to do them was hard to keep when they are such a drag and don't work without a draconian effort.  A friend told me about the Jade Eggs, and this was the tool I needed to boost my spirits and take action.  Exercising with the lovely eggs gave me the feedback I needed to keep going, and feel my progress directly.  They have awakened me to a new enjoyment of my health and capabilities. I now know I didn't have to accept my condition as an inevitable part of aging-I am in charge.  Having the right tools was a very necessary step to making the difference in such an important , no, central part of life!  I feel my youth and pleasure returned, and I am free to do what I love.  

I bought Jade Eggs, Jade Eggs rock, I have no words to describe the incredible difference Jade Eggs make to Everything.

I am at the receiving end of a wonderful turn of events.

My girl friend has always been very creative and inventive in her lovemaking.

Since she has practice religiously with her jade eggs she has given me these incredible lovemaking sessions. She is now able to bring me to climax and herself to orgasm with almost no body movements from either one of us. She can do this at will solely with pressure along my shaft. This has become one of our new games.

It was exactly ten days after the first egg when we went out for dinner and my husband noticed that I looked vivacious and asked me if I had been working out. There was color in my cheeks and light in my eyes. He said I looked very sexy. I was still too timid to tell him about the eggs. We could not wait to get home and pursue our arousal. Our special loving magic was there again. I could not remember feeling so juicy and warm inside. Then, when he entered me, his first expression was 
"Oh God. OHHH, GOD". 

He stopped, looked into my eyes for a few moments and we both burst out laughing. Then tears of joy and passion erupted. It was the most beautiful evening of loving. I had never experienced such sensitivity and arousal inside of me. My whole uterus and vulva radiated energy throughout my whole pelvic girdle. Powerful orgasms flashed continuously up into my head. I can't even remember when I had my last orgasm, and then they were so faint. 

I could feel his whole penis as he quickly became harder and harder, and to both our surprise even bigger. He felt my vagina close and tight around him. We are as excited now as we were 20 years ago when we married. We are growing. Since that rejuvenating night our love is so energized and passionate again. He is now working off his promise to become strong again and lose 20 pounds as his contribution to my gesture with the eggs. I started yoga classes to become stronger and more elastic, and I love to move my two medium eggs around as I change postures, and this is teaching me how to use my muscles to give us both, every time, the most intimate and powerful loving experience imaginable. 
We now make wonderful love spontaneously and often, and we both thank you for bringing this ancient and sacred gift of the Gods that should be as much a part of every woman's make up as grooming hair and nails. I also wear the eggs to the salon and wonder how I can introduce them to the ladies there. 

Jade Eggs Online, Queensland, Australia.

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