After 13 Incredible years we are closing down this business, it's been a profound journey in personal health and in business itself.
So you will find the products at a wildly low price, until SOLD OUT.

Jade Eggs ~ For women who want to improve their vaginal health. 

(Using a Jade Egg to strengthen, heal and harmonize the most precious part of your body)

I did a survey of over 1000 women asking them this one question.

Would you like a Fitter, Stronger, Healthier Vagina?

100% responded with an instant Yes.

I have to share my secret with the women of the world.

In a time of health consciousness and energetics;
it makes perfect sense to care just as much for ALL of our insides as well as our outside.


You just need to invest 15 minutes, 3 times a week for exceptional results.



All our Eggs are of the highest quality.  There are certified and authenticated.
All our eggs are drilled and come with your personal string.

Look at our selection below and follow your intuition to choose your egg for purchase.

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NEPHRITE JADE is highest quality jade you can get.  It's a premium jade that is highly sort after and has renowned energetic properties.  If you are serious about your Jade, you definitely want the NEPHRITE EGGS.

Standard Helu Jade is a beautiful stone, it's generally lighter in color and is more common.  It's a wonderful for anyone starting out that may want to ease into the practise.  I find this stone to be great for universal purposes, whether a standard physical practise or a deep connected womb workshop.  

All our eggs are drilled and come with a fine string, like fishing line for ease of use.

All our products are authenticated with certificates from our suppliers as Genuine Jade.  

So easy to get your daily practise done:

~ allocate time alone quiet in your own space
~ in your car commuting to and from work
~ watching television
~ sitting at the computer
~ laying down playing with your phone or device
~ ironing
~ meditating
~ sleeping, once a week sleeping all night with your jade egg is a fabulous idea
~ sitting in the car waiting for your child to finish sport or activity
~ in the shower
~ there are soooooo many opportunities to incorporate your jade eggs into daily life.



Using Jade Eggs is the easiest, most effortless way to bring the feminine balance back to your body and soul.  
It's something very personal and special.

Jade Eggs are posted from Queensland, Australia. 

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 Jade Eggs.

Birth preparation.

Optimum recovery after pregnancy.

Incontinence solutions.

Prolapse Uterus.


High Impact Exercise resulting in strained pelvic floor.

Strengthen Vagina.

Kegel exercises.

Pelvic Floor exercises.

Vaginal Health.

Womb Clearing.

Sexual Trauma Healing.

AvgSizes of Eggs:
Big: 4.7 x 3.2cm
Med: 3.9 x 2.8cm
Small: 2.9 x 2.2cm

High impact exercise and pelvic floor weakness.

It is more common these days for women to be participating in high impact exercise. Exercise such as running, aerobics, netball, basketball, marathons, heavy weight lifting, cross training, endurance sports; can all weaken a woman's pelvic floor muscles, leading to dysfunction like symptoms such as incontinence. Activating the core integrity properly during intense activity can prevent damage to the pelvic floor.
Therefore using the Jade Eggs is a great way to strengthen the pelvic floor and prevent problems that can be a risk factor for athletes and women participating in high impact exercise.

The Ancient Wisdom to Inner Health.

The use of a Jade Egg to strengthen the vagina is a practice that evolved in ancient China. As time went on, the secret of this practice remained in the Royal Palace and was taught only to the queen and concubines. Many who mastered the technique experienced very good health, remaining young and bountiful, with sexual organs in old age as tight and resilient as those of a young, unmarried lady. Some believe that the queen and concubines practiced the technique in order to please the king while making love. Originally, however the Egg Exercise and Vaginal Weight Lifting were implemented for improving health, both physically and spiritually, since these exercises provide more power to the Chi (Pubo-coccygeus or PC muscle) Muscle to lift the sexual energy inward and upward where it will be transformed into higher spiritual energy.  The most revered outcome.

The egg is a marvelous way to strengthen and control the Chi Muscle. It is easier to practice control of this muscle with an egg in the vagina since, as the egg moves, you can feel the direction in which the Chi Muscle moves more distinctly. Controlling this voluntary muscle means control of the many involuntary muscles in this area as well. Also, as you master the use of this muscle of the vagina and perineum, you simultaneously tone up the lower abdomen. Thus, your performance sexual performance greatly improves, and the flow of your hormones increases.

Vaginal Weight Exercise is a very powerful practice to strengthen, in addition to the Chi Muscle, the urogenital and pelvic diaphragms. The strength of these two diaphragms is very important since these diaphragms serve as floors to the sexual organs and all vital organs.
When the Chi Muscle and diaphragms are loose, Chi pressure will leak out from the organs as they stack upon each other, dropping all their weight to rest upon the perineum. When strong, the muscle and the diaphragm function as seals, preventing leakage of life-force energies.

These are pure and natural jade and the color of the eggs you receive will vary.  We have certificates of Authenticity.

We ship discretely, plain envelope or box, and if you are an international customer, we use "beads" as the contents description.

Delivery time is 7-14 days from receiving payment; depending on your location.

Privacy protection

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 Care for the Egg  
Proper attention and care to one’s feminine hygiene is an absolute necessity prior to beginning this practice. Cleanliness of the vaginal canal and the eggs are equally important. 

Jade doesn't like the high heat of boiling and boiling will damage the structure of the jade stone, and the qi energy.  Using a diluted 1/4 White Vinegar and 3/4 purified water will achieved optimum results.

 A word of caution about using soap or detergent: some people are allergic to certain chemicals that are found in soap and detergent, especially when inserted into the channel where the membranes are very sensitive. Also, many women are unknowingly allergic to alcohol (isopropyl or rubbing type), therefore its use should be avoided for cleansing purposes.



Hello Dear One,

I am the creator of Jade Eggs Online. I first was introduced to the Jade Egg in a Detox Retreat in 2011 where a Tao Master shared the practise with our group.  I bought myself an egg and started using it and was impressed by it's practicality as well as it enhancing my spiritual practise.
I had had 2 children and as I embarked on my 3rd pregnancy I found it profound in preparation, birth and beyond.   

As a woman first, a mother second and a spiritual teacher third my sharing the Jade Egg with all woman has been an amazing journey. Changed so many lives and impacted on the confidence and quality of life of many.


Nicole Starr.  

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Authentic Certified Jade 

It has been an incredible journey since starting this business, heading towards 10 years now.  I started it with no plan to make it a successful business, just a way of sourcing some jade eggs for myself.  What has grown since those humble years has been a sacred journey within itself.  As my personal practise over all these years has grown; so has the depth of the business.

When I was originally sourcing an ethical and true product I tried a couple of suppliers in those early days where I recognised that the integrity of the product needed to be aligned with my high standards in all parts of my business and life.   I then was so fortunate to find an incredible supplier that I have been with for 8 years, the company started almost a century go by a revered and highly respected Chinese Medicine Master.  Developing products for his patients and students.  Thus the company has grown and now produces high quality and very beautiful products. I have been impressed and beyond pleased with our business relationship over the years.

I couldn't ask for more in terms of level of quality, customer service and harmonious working relationship.  They are regularly getting quality testing done on their products and sending me updated certificates for the products they sell me that I then sell on to you.  They are a wholesale only company now and sell to approved sellers (like me), I buy in high quantities to be able to sell at great pricing. 

I'm so grateful to share these incredible tools that I have had the pleasure of using for so many years.  Thety have changed my life dramatically, were instrumental in my last pregnancy and beyond.  I am so blessed to offer these incredible eggs with you.

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All orders are processed and sent as soon as possible.

We are here for any questions or enquiries.

Jade Eggs Online ~ Shipped from Brisbane Australia.