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Period Underwear
New Technology

Our fabrics that we use for our underwear are premium and ethical.  We use 100% Bamboo in our regular pant.  And we use a vegan silk using state of the art technology to make a healthy breathable super soft sassy experience for our love pant. Incredible 4 layer thin moisture layers.
We use premium quality for all products we use in our bundles.
Which are certified and authenticated. 
Period. FullStop.

Of course you can use them anytime, not just when you are bleeding, they are for all stages of life.

Sustainable Life

Our Company is part of the Solution for sustainability of our planet.  Using Period Underwear rather than single use sanitary products lifts a huge imprint.  We use beautiful materials that don't harm or impact the earth.
We recommend our period underwear for more than just menstruation.  They are suitable of general leakage.  Sweaty times. 
Menopausal, postbirth or anytime random spotting. 
They are so comfortable and suitable for everyday wear. 
We have created some bundles to optimize your femme tools.
Period. FullStop.